Because it’s Halloween, I offer you a spooky photograph.

I challenge you to make up a good story to go with it.




Two photos showing the process of drafting a Viking-style knotwork triskelion with zoomorphs.

The first photo shows the original sketch at bottom right, then the detailed sketch on the left and the first inked version at top right. The second photo shows a second version, fully inked.

I changed the zoomorphs from the original unidentifiable zoomorphs to to a puffin, snake and dragon, and then to a snake, hound and parrot. The second version has a ram, fox and puffin.

#drawing set-up. Transferring and altering #triskelion #knotwork #viking #skandinavian

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Swan and ducks

#mallard #couple checking out the neighbour #nest #swan

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I noticed these mallards sneaking up on a nesting swan in a park. I don’t know if they were intent on stealing sticks for nest-making, or if they were looking for food. Who knows: Maybe they were scouting prior to storming the castle. I couldn’t stay to watch, as the cob was on the path behind me and was showing signs of preparing to attack me.