This is meant to be a photo-oriented blog, mostly about travel and daily living in Iceland. I sometimes travel abroad and may post some photos of my travels there as well. Every now and then I might post about something else. The title is residual – the blog was originally meant to be about something totally different and then I somehow didn’t get round to changing the title to something more apt.

Lately I have been exploring the photo-capabilities of my new smartphone, an LG G3, which are fantastic compared with my old Samsung Galaxy Mini. It has the same resolution as my DSLR, although of course the options are fewer and I don’t like using the zoom feature because the lens is fixed and the zoom is digital and any zoomed image is not as sharp as it would be taken with the DSLR using optical zoom. The phone camera is my go-to photo gadget these days, but I still take the DSLR on outings.

Most of the older photos were taken on a Nikon D7000 DSLR, a Sony CyberShot DSC-W730 and the camera in my cell phone (a Samsung Galaxy Mini). Most of the photos from the cameras will have been given minimal editing, mostly cropping and minor colour and exposure tweaks, using GIMP or pixlr.com, and the cell phone photos will either have been uploaded as they come or edited with various photo apps and then uploaded.

I sometimes repost photos from my flickr account and my Icelandic photo blog when I don’t have any interesting new photos to post. These older photos are taken with several different cameras, mostly two Canon PowerShots (A430 and A1100IS),  and a borrowed Canon EOS, but some older, scanned photos were taken with a variety of film cameras, including a Nikon F301,  a Canon AE-1 and a Canon EOS Rebel, and several different point-and-shoot and disposable cameras.

The aim is to express myself, posting photos of things I experience in everyday life, regardless of the photo quality, and things I like and enjoy, and stuff about Iceland. Basically your usual narcissistic blog material.


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