Theme galleries [work in progress]

I started this page as an aide-memoire to recall which photos I had published here and which ones on my old photoblog. Then I decided to make it public so that people interested in particular types of photos could look at them all together. You can, of course, also search by categories and tags, but that entails a lot more clicking and scrolling through posts.

This is a work in progress. By and by I will add more themes and alphabetise the galleries properly. Clicking on any photo will bring it up full size, in a gallery where you can click backwards and forwards to look at all the photos in the gallery.

(Taking a break. this is basically a project for when things are slow for me, blogging-wise).


Plants (trees and flowers):

Street photography and cityscapes:

Night and low-light photography:



Animals, other than horses, birds and insects:


Art (including graffiti):



Cars, boats and other vehicles:

Christmas themed:

Churches and graveyards:

Derelict buildings and ruins:



Houses and buildings (other than churches and derelict):




 Sky, including sunsets and sunrises:





2 thoughts on “Theme galleries [work in progress]

  1. Hi Jo! wonderful (and I am sure tiring) work you’ve nicely put together! This work reminds me so much ofthe times (13) that I’ve visited Iceland–and of course, I’d love to return! But I wanted to let you know that I have you some elements of your websites (recipes) at my wn website which explores my personal travels around the world. I have given two of your websites as credits towards my writing…yours are true examples of my travels. You can explore them at my website below..this month’s travel blog centers on Iceland, and you are a big part of it!! Thank you for your recipes and photos….!

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