One more waterfall

Stjórnarfoss doesn’t look like much from the road, but appearances can be deceiving. It is apparently considerably taller than it looks from the road.

I spent a night in a camp-site by the river and found the sound of the waterfall and river quite soothing and a nicer sound to fall asleep to than the traffic noises I’m used to from the city. I’m planning to visit the area again and take a hike up to the fall.

DSC_9055 DSC_9056


3-tiered waterfall in Eyjafjöll

This gorgeous waterfall is situated just east of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. I couldn’t find out if it has an actual name of its own, but the nearby farm is simply called Foss á Síðu (“Waterfall at Flank/Side”) and the name has been used for the waterfall as well:


Skógafoss (“Forest Fall”)

Like Gullfoss and Seljalandandsfoss, Skógafoss has been photographed so much that it’s hard to imagine being able to take a photo of it from an angle that has not been tried before (I do have one or two ideas, but have yet to implement them). However, it is such a beautiful waterfall that I, for one, can never resist taking yet another shot of it when I am passing by:


Closer up:


And one from a vantage point not available to the people on the bus tours:




A trip to southern Iceland is not complete without a stop at Seljalandsfoss:


This waterfall is just around the corner from its famous cousin. It’s usually just a trickle of water that you barely notice, but on this occasion you couldn’t help but notice:



Urriðafoss (“Trout Falls”)

This waterfall (or collection of rapids) has the biggest volume of water of any waterfall in Iceland. It is in the river Þjórsá and is easily accessible from the Ring Road in southern Iceland.

DSC_8983 DSC_8981


Kirkjufellsfoss (“Church Mountain Falls”)

This is a lovely little waterfall in Grundarfjörður, named Kirkjufellsfoss, after the mountain across the road.

This was taken in early May. I expect the surroundings have turned green by now.


Closer up:




Not really – but the waterfall is called Hjálparfoss (Help Fall).

Looking small, tranquil and cute:


With a human included for scale it doesn’t look quite as cute: