The tree

A third Iceland Academy of the Arts wall image. I need to come back with a camera with a wide-angle lens to get a better shot of this one.



Another piece of Iceland Academy of the Arts wall stencil.

This one has been ever so slightly altered/defaced by someone with a spray can.


I can’t really call this graffiti, as it’s on the wall of a building that once belonged to the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and I think it was put there by art students who had permission, and not graffiti artists who usually don’t.

The sky just before 7 a.m. this morning

I walked to work this morning. It’s a damp (but so far not rainy) and blustery day with spectacularly shifting clouds. Definitely autumn weather. I just hope we get some autumn colours on the trees – sometimes a storm will come and shrivel all the still-green leaves and blow them away before they have a chance to turn red or gold.

Soon it will be completely dark at this time of the day.