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This is the first of a series of photos I plan to post from my Grand Tour of Germany (with side trip into France) that I took in May of 2017. I will not be posting them in any particular order.



My father, tinkering with the motorhome he and my mother bought recently. The hardware in the retraction system for the step turned out to be rather delicate.


Lovely, lovely campsite

This small campsite only has toilets and washing-up facilities, but the location more than makes up for it. Besides, when you have a motorhome, all you really need is a level place to park.

Because of the limited facilities, it wasn’t completely full like the two other nearby campsites with better facilities. Everyone had some space around themselves, and it was therefore easy to observe that hardly anyone was there by themselves. There were clusters of tents, clusters of motorhomes and  travel trailers scattered around. Nobody was too noisy and is was peaceful and the weather was perfect.

DSC01747 DSC01748 DSC01750

Sunday drive to Seltún and Kleifarvatn


I mentioned, in an earlier post, that I have a new car which serves the dual purpose of daily transport and motorhome. The objective of taking it out for a day’s driving was, partly, to test everything before I set off on an overnight trip. I wanted to get used to driving a car that is longer and slightly wider than my old one, test the equipment and generally learn the car. I also wanted to see how the interior would test out, i.e. the bed, cupboards and drawers my father and I installed to turn the van into a motor home.


Apart from a drawer that wanted to stay open and some creaking of the wood and rattling of things I hadn’t secured properly, it acquitted itself very nicely. The Saturday drive tested the installed interior for noise, and the comfort and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. On Sunday I took it out again, this time to test it on a hilly, winding road that is part gravel, part tarmac. Aside form a minor difficulty on a steep, very gravelly hill, the car performed well and I considered myself prepared to take it on an overnight expedition.

(I have been on two since then. More on that in a later post.)

Lastly, here are some photos from the Seltún geothermal area, which I visited during the drive: