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Icelandic traffic jam. #iceland #sheep #icelandicsheep

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One morning, as my parents and I were preparing breakfast inside their motor home, which was parked outside an old farm my family owns, we got these visitors. Icelandic sheep are known for causing traffic problems on the highways in the summer, but these were just visiting the farm to sample the grass.


Icelandic sheep

I think Icelandic sheep have an unusually intelligent look about them (for sheep). These ewes greeted me with loud baaa-ing when I stopped by their enclosure on the way back from photographing Reynisdrangar. I think they wanted me to feed them.


The lambs just slipped through the fence and stood there looking cute:


This little guy’s ears looked lopsided after the marking. Sheep have traditionally been marked by cutting bits from their ears in pattern specific to each farm, but many Icelandic sheep farmers have discontinued the practice and now use plastic tags inserted through the ear like an earring. In this case both an ear mark and a tag have been used.


Wake-up call

I woke up around six in the morning, to deep-voiced bleating outside the car. It turned out to be some visiting sheep. I love to look at lambs when they’re this small and cute.


(I prefer older lambs served with gravy…).


Neðstibær is an abandoned farmhouse by the road over Þveráfjall in northern Iceland, between Skagaströnd/Blönduós and Sauðárkrókur.

Each year it gets a little more run-down, while the sheep tiptoe around it and crop the grass.


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Seen from a distance:


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