The best ice cream in town

The Valdís ice cream shop has the best ice cream in town. You can never be sure which flavours will be available when you get there, but rest assured: there is something for every taste. The top scoop here is Turkish Pepper candy-flavoured (same flavour as the Hot n’Sweet schnapps), and the bottom scoop is bittersweet licorice. Next time, I’ll have them put the Turkish Pepper scoop on the bottom, as it’s quite richly flavoured.



Selfies: Yay or Nay?

I sometimes used to wonder why people would take selfies, but then I tried it and discovered it is addictive. Because of the limitations involved in using a handheld camera it takes a certain amount of skill to take a good selfie. I estimate that only about one in every ten I snap of myself turns out satisfactory.

I don’t think I will ever be ready to start instagramming myself left and right, but I think selfies can be a good way to remind yourself, e.g., what you looked like at a particular age and what you wore on a particular day.

But enough about me: How do you feel about selfies?