Breaking waves

Big #waves breaking off the south coast of #iceland today.

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A new role for old equipment



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Skagaströnd was, when I was a child, a bit run down. Many houses needed painting, gardens were unkempt and people didn’t seem to take much pride in their surroundings. Now, however, the town looks neat and tidy and it’s an attractive little place to visit, although, to tell the truth, I wouldn’t want to live there.

Here an old trawlboard has been erected as a decoration down by the port scale. Back then, it would have lain somewhere rusting and rotting away, but someone has clearly seen some artistic value in it.


This was taken in the summer when I hiked from the camping area in Reykjaströnd in Skagafjörður to Glerhallavík (Chalcedony Cove). The weather was perfect for hiking: overcast with a slight wind, although I didn’t much appreciate the rain shower that caught me on the way back. As you can see, the light was flat and not well suited to photography, but I bet if I’d had my tripod with me I could have taken bracketed exposures to make some spectacular HDR images. However, there was a break in the clouds over the cove and I got some nice photos there.

More tomorrow.