Traffic jam

One of the biggest traffic intersections in Reykjavík was closed yesterday due to the laying of water mains. If I listened to the radio I would have known this, but I don’t-so I didn’t and the same seems to have been the case for hundreds of other drivers trying to get home yesterday afternoon.

I live approximately 1.5 kilometres away from where I work, and it took me one hour and fifteen minutes to get home. Had I known about the closure, I would have cancelled the after-work errands that called for taking the car to work and walked to work instead.

This was, however a very orderly traffic jam. There was no blowing of horns (in India, to take an example I have experienced personally, the noise would have been deafening by this point, what with all the compressed-air horns), no impatient revving of engines, and all the lane-changes I witnessed took place with minimal fuss and with most drivers willing to give way even if they had the right of it. I did see two police cars and an ambulance stuck in the sticky traffic and I can only hope they were not trying to get anywhere urgent, because the cars in front of them couldn’t have given way if they wanted to.

A clear case for walking to work:

Reykjavík traffic jam

However, I at least didn’t have to starve, having bought a pizza to bring home with me for dinner.

It helped keep me calm during the ordeal:

Pizza saves the day