Window shopping

This lovely bridal dress in the window of the Red Cross shop on Laugavegur gave the impression of looking wistfully at the pedestrians outside the window. This could well be an inspiration for a story.

2015-07-06 16.14.52


Who else saw the solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse on the spring equinox is not something to be missed. And I didn’t.

I didn’t take my DSLR or even my pocket camera to photograph the March 20 solar eclipse, because I didn’t want to fry them (and besides, I didn’t have a solar filter), but I did bring my cell phone. I was using it to take photos of the crowd (here are some of them) when I spotted an opportunity and took it:

Iceland solar eclipse and photographers

This is taken about 11 minutes before the peak of the eclipse.

The large solar filter was being held in front of a pro camera that was being used to record the eclipse, and it was big enough that by sneaking up behind the photographer, I was able to take advantage of it. In some ways, I think I prefer this to a photo of just the sun, because it shows what was happening down on the ground as well as the eclipse. The atmosphere was amazing, with people discussing the phenomenon with strangers and lending each other filters and solar glasses to look at the sun. The big filter in the photo also got passed around.

There will be a total eclipse over Iceland in 2026 – I plan to have a suitable camera, lens and solar filter at the ready when the time comes, and hopefully the weather will cooperate.


I can’t say I love flying, not after going through modern airports became such a purgatorial experience, but once you’re actually in the air it has its good points. Such as those oh! so lucky! instances when Fate hands you a row of seats all to yourself (I had one both coming and going).

And views. I love looking out the windows of an aeroplane that is ascending or descending, considering the clouds and looking at the Lilliputian landscape or cityscape below:

Icelandair aeroplane over Ireland

Coming in for landing in Manchester