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Urriðafoss (“Trout Falls”)

This waterfall (or collection of rapids) has the biggest volume of water of any waterfall in Iceland. It is in the river Þjórsá and is easily accessible from the Ring Road in southern Iceland.

DSC_8983 DSC_8981

Stakkholtsgjá hike: Difficult choices

The Stakkholtsgjá gorge is situated near the entrance to Þórsmörk and is a worthwhile destination in itself. It looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel and would have made a gorgeous entrance to Rivendell if Peter Jackson had decided to shoot scenes for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Iceland.

I took so many good photos during our hike up into the gorge that I had a hard time whittling them down to the handful I usually post of such expeditions, so I decided to write posts devoted to different aspects of the hike, using galleries to showcase the photos.

This is shot from the entrance, up into the gorge. The gallery below shows how the gorge changes as you get further into it. Which one is your favourite?