Reynisfjara, day two: The view across the beach

On the other side of Reynisfjara is Dyrhólaey, with its distinctive rock arch. I couldn’t resist including the photographer and his contortions:


A better view of the arch:





Reynisfjara, day 2 (better weather and low tide)

Reynisfjara is a marvellous place to visit, not just because of the sea stacks, but also because it has some lovely columnar basalt formations, including inside the cave Hálsanefshellir. I went back there on my way back to Reykjavík because I had not been able to visit the cave the day before on account of the high tide and crashing waves. The waves were not much smaller than the previous day, but the weather was much better and the tide was out and the cave accessible.

What at first sight looked like a group of people standing in the mouth of the cave and chatting turned out to be a ceremony of some sort, probably a very simple, plain wedding. I didn’t want to intrude, but it was impossible to photograph the cave in relation to its surroundings without including the people:


More views of the cave:

Rock worn down by the sea:


More tomorrow.