Reykjavík Pride 2015, pt. 3: Various spectators and participants

This is the last batch.

I would like to remind anyone viewing these photos that while the Pride parade in Reykjavík is a fun and colourful event, it does have a serious, dark undertone. Its purpose is not just to celebrate human diversity and make it visible. It also serves to remind us that not everyone has the privilege to be able to openly be themselves and to express their love without fear of persecution and even death.


Reykjavík Pride 2015, pt. 2: Faces

I went to the parade this year determined to catch photos of some faces, rather than just of acts. I had hoped to get a bigger number of interesting shots of the spectators than I did, but no worries: there were plenty of interesting faces and facial expressions in the parade itself. Here are a few of them:


Reykjavík Pride 2015, pt. 1

I just got back from the Reykjavík Pride celebration, and it was as colourful and happy as ever, despite the rain. This is only the first instalment of photos. I’m posting a few that only needed minor cropping and adjustment in the first batch. There will be more tomorrow, and possibly the day after, depending on how many publishable photos there are.