The quarry

Quarries can be highly unsafe places and are therefore rarely open to the public, but once in a while you come across one you can go into to explore. I found one such place on a Sunday drive in the country recently.

I love visiting quarries because they give me a chance to indulge in a favourite childhood hobby of mine: rockhounding. Unlike back in the day, when I would have filled my bedroom with rocks and crystals if my parents hadn’t stopped me, I now prefer to photograph them in situ and leave them be, unless they are really spectacular or unusual. I found one such sample on this visit that was shaped like a slice of cake with a crystal layer between two rock layers and a topping of crystals, but I’ll probably have to use a studio setup to get a decent shot of it because it didn’t photograph well where I found it (besides which, it will need to be cleaned before it can be properly photographed). I also found a nice example of pyrite (fool’s gold), tiny crystals of it covering a small flat piece of rock.

The quarry had the inevitable pool at the bottom. It looked inviting from a distance:


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However, close up, it…didn’t:


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There were some nice veins and formations of coloured rock and crystal embedded in the walls of the quarry:


…and also in some of the loose rocks:

Crystal formation

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