Just got back from seeing Spamalot at the Icelandic National Theatre and…

I haven’t had so much fun at the theatre for years. Loved it, would go see it again if I could, but I think it’s sold out for the rest of the season.

The translation/localisation is fantastic and it’s just so wonderfully silly and exuberant (not to mention parodic and satirical). The Monty Python humour comes across very well in this translation.

Now I’m off to bed. I have a flight to catch in the morning…



The set for an Icelandic production of the play Jeppi á Fjalli (Jeppe paa Bjerget eller den forvandlede Bonde (English title: Jeppe of the Hill, or The Transformed Peasant) by Danish playwright Ludvig Holberg (1684–1754).

This is a classic Danish play that has seen many revivals, but it is hard to understand why, because not one character in it has any redeeming qualities, the humour is crude and the messages (1: that power corrupts, and 2: that everyone should stay in their place, socially) are driven home with a sledgehammer.

Not even the brilliant acting and Dantesque scenery could blunt the crudeness of the humour or make the characters seem to be anything other than crude, hateful caricatures.

The set, however, was admittedly brilliant and surrealistic:

Jappi á Fjalli

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