When looked at with the naked eye, both of these reflective surfaces are the same colours: red and yellow. However, they were photographed with the sun at different angles and the camera – which was on the automatic setting for lighting and adjustments – turned out the second photo with rather different colours than the first.




Instagram cross-over

I have been using Instagram lately to post my photography, and have mostly been posting cell-phone photos and art there.

I decided to revive this blog by cross-posting my Instagram pictures here – at least the ones pertaining to Iceland, travel and photography. If you’re interested in art, I also post my drawings on Insta, but I’m not going to cross-post them here.

In the days to come I’m going to be posting some of my older Instagram photos here and when I catch up I will post them in both platforms at the same time.

Sunday drive to SeltĂșn and Kleifarvatn


I mentioned, in an earlier post, that I have a new car which serves the dual purpose of daily transport and motorhome. The objective of taking it out for a day’s driving was, partly, to test everything before I set off on an overnight trip. I wanted to get used to driving a car that is longer and slightly wider than my old one, test the equipment and generally learn the car. I also wanted to see how the interior would test out, i.e. the bed, cupboards and drawers my father and I installed to turn the van into a motor home.


Apart from a drawer that wanted to stay open and some creaking of the wood and rattling of things I hadn’t secured properly, it acquitted itself very nicely. The Saturday drive tested the installed interior for noise, and the comfort and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. On Sunday I took it out again, this time to test it on a hilly, winding road that is part gravel, part tarmac. Aside form a minor difficulty on a steep, very gravelly hill, the car performed well and I considered myself prepared to take it on an overnight expedition.

(I have been on two since then. More on that in a later post.)

Lastly, here are some photos from the SeltĂșn geothermal area, which I visited during the drive: