Posting directly from Polyvore

My last Polyvore posting was done with a heavily edited image to which I added text in an image editing program before posting it. That was before I realised there is a text widget on Pv, but since it seems to be made with small amounts of text in mind I will probably still use the original method when I want to add so much text.
I love being able to make these visual lists and I’m getting better at it. Here is a packing list for a long weekend trip to Berlin I’m making around the middle of next month. This is all going in carry-on, in addition to the contents of the bag in the previous Pv post (minus the back-up clothes). Mind you, I’m not shopping for this stuff before I go or even during the trip, but rather I chose products that come close to looking like the stuff I’m taking. The cape is the exception – I actually do own one and love it (except when it is windy outside and it starts acting like a parachute).

Provisional packing list for a weekend in Berlin, October 2012

Not shown are underwear and small bottles of hygiene products missing from both images.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Polyvore or any of the vendors.