We call it silver…

… even when it’s gilded.

Gilded silver ornaments from a traditional Icelandic bodice costume (upphlutur). A friend wanted to polish the silver, which had gotten badly tarnished through the gilding,  and I got to help. It took her over an hour to get the silver off the costume, and will take longer to sew it back on. I then used the aluminium sheet/baking soda method to remove the tarnish and then we polished the pieces with a silver-polishing cloth.

The wirework on these ornaments is exquisite.

2013-03-02 17

From the top, left to right:

Clasps from the cape, brooch, belt ornaments, bodice fastening with chain, more belt ornaments, bodice ornament, buttonhole clasp, bodice fastenings, second buttonhole clasp, second bodice ornament.

Missing are the clasps from the belt and the cylinder from the cap.