Snow, mountain, jeep


Mitsubishi Pajero in snowy landscape

On February 28th, my parents invited me along for a drive. It was one of those days perfect for taking a drive in the country, with nature at its loveliest, even if it wasn’t very friendly (it was quite cold and there was severe wind chill, although we were sheltered by some cliffs just where this photo was taken). The photo from yesterday was taken on that drive, as was this and a few more more I will post overn the next few days. This is from when we stopped near a small and lovely waterfall in Hvalfjörður (more on that tomorrow). While walking up to the waterfall with my camera, I looked back and thought the trusty old Pajero looked quite nice with the nearly perpendicular mountain-side in the background. The lens flare pointing directly at the car was a lucky coincidence.