Rust = Art

Part of a #sculpture in #hveragerði #iceland #art #rust #debris

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Playing with the phone while eating…

I occasionally go for lunch to a Thai restaurant situated on the first floor of a small shopping centre on the Laugavegur. If the weather is good, I will sit outside in the smoking area (as long as no-one’s smoking there) on the balcony and enjoy the good weather and people-watch. These are some of the results of my last visit:

People having some kind of discussion in the street below:


But, wait a minute: What’s that in the foreground? Some moss? How cute:


Lets see how close I can get without using the digital zoom:


Closer still (using cropping):

Not too bad a magnification, although it’s not, of course, as good as if I had used a tripod and a pro lens:


Got a new gadget to play with

…a microscope/macro lens for the phone:


This is the closest I can get with the phone lens. It’s really quite a respectable macro:


But this is what I was able to do with the new toy:


It has 30x magnification and a built in light that comes on when you clip it onto the phone, meaning you can go all the way up to your subject, and indeed you must, or the camera will focus on the inside of the lens and not the subject.

I plan to have some fun with it over the weekend.