20 days to Christmas and the reindeer are dressed in drag

I visited a hardware store with my mother the other day. The objective was to buy some S-hooks to hang Christmas decorations, but we also visited the part of the shop where they sell seasonal items, which is currently full of Xmas baubles and decorations. I noticed these from the corner of my eye and went to take a better look, then beckoned my mother to come over and have a peep at them and then we both started laughing.

You will have to decide for yourself whether you think they are tacky or not, but I am thinking about buying one, probably the third one from the left. At almost 1300 kr. I still think it’s worth having, because you don’t see a lot of genuinely funny Christmas decorations. To get a better look, click the image to see it in a larger size.


Incidentally, it snowed in Reykjavík last night. It’s not the first snow of the season, but it’s the best snow so far: fluffy, romantic and not too deep. The roads were, however, quite slippery this morning.