Men at work

This old house was getting a makeover:



Mixing styles: Old above, new below

This house looks like the people who built didn’t quite know what they wanted, but the mixture of old-fashioned painted wooden garrets and raw, textured concrete harmonises surprisingly well together and saves the house from looking completely soulless:


Victorian-style house

This is one of a number of houses in Reykjavík that have been meticulously restored in recent years. When I was growing up, there were many old houses in the city that needed a lot of TLC, but thanks to a change in the way we think about the past ( and also to the prestige associated with living in the 101 area), many of them have been restored rather than torn down and replaced with concrete houses.

I have always thought this house looked like something out of the Victorian era, except for the corrugated iron cladding (which however, can be taken for wood at first glance). I love the splash of colour the flowers make:


There’s just a touch of gingerbread, not too much: