Pool of the Cross

Krosslaug (the Pool of the Cross) is a small hot pool in Lundarreykjadalur in south-west Iceland. As the story goes, in the year 1000 C.E. when the people of the country voted to accept Christianity in ├×ingvellir, the contingent from the west of the country refused to be baptised in the icy waters at ├×ingvellir (we’re talking immersion baptism) and were instead baptised in this hot pool.

Close-up of Krosslaug

Close-up of the pool. Click to enlarge.

There is a plaque in Latin commemorating the event, and the pool is surrounded by a small and lovely planted forest. Unfortunately, as I have seen at almost any place of interest in Iceland that lacks sanitary facilities, the area near the pool is strewn with toilet paper and the ever-present lone tampon (there is always just the one – I have never seen more in any place, and so far I have been spared finding any fresh ones). I also found a lone sock, no doubt lost by someone who wanted to bathe their feet in the warm water.


The view from the hill above Krosslaug.