More murals by Guido van Helten

I already posted photos of Guido van Helten’s work in Skagaströnd, and yesterday I finally went and got some snaps of his mural projects in Reykjavík. These are on two houses down by the sea. This link will tell you more about the first mural, and this link will take you to more information on the other three murals and the artist, as well as to a link to a Google Map showing their location (beneath the last photo).

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In close-up:

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Magnificent murals


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The village where I grew up, Skagaströnd, is a typical Icelandic fishing village. The old fish factory where I used to work when I was in my teens is now a studio for artists who come to stay in Skagaströnd through Nes Artist Residency. One of these artists is Guido van Helten, who specialises in large scale murals and the result of his stay was on a grand scale: Two large mural portraits that can be found in the harbour area. He has also done some work in Reykjavík, which I intend to photograph and will post later. If you click on the link above, you can see more of his work, including “in progress” photos of the mural shown above.

This is easy to find: Just look for the big chimney you can see on the right and follow that. The next one, however, is not so easy to find, even if you know where it is.

To find it, you take the gravel road that leads from the swimming pool up to the Höfði promontory and drive past the grotty old houses to the left. Once you come to the gap between the last two buildings, look to your left and this is what you will see:


Go closer and the view will open up to reveal this: