One of these is not like the others



Deep-fried goodness

I can’t even remember what the cheese-covered thing is, but both the sweet potato fries and the onion rings were delicious.


Birthday meal

In my family, whoever is celebrating their birthday decides what’s for dinner, and my mother cooks it. She celebrated her own birthday recently, and decided we would eat out.


7 days to Christmas and here are some leaf bread patterns for you

As I mentioned on Sunday, I was making leaf bread with my family. Here are three hand-cut leaf breads in the raw:

A candle. I make loads of candle patterns every year, each of them unique. The “braided” part of the pattern is made with a leaf bread roller and then every other chevron is folded over the next.


A Yule lad. This is one I invented and made in several variations:


A house and tree. My teenage cousin made this. He is getting really good at leaf bread cutting:


The best ice cream in town

The Valdís ice cream shop has the best ice cream in town. You can never be sure which flavours will be available when you get there, but rest assured: there is something for every taste. The top scoop here is Turkish Pepper candy-flavoured (same flavour as the Hot n’Sweet schnapps), and the bottom scoop is bittersweet licorice. Next time, I’ll have them put the Turkish Pepper scoop on the bottom, as it’s quite richly flavoured.