Two photos showing the process of drafting a Viking-style knotwork triskelion with zoomorphs.

The first photo shows the original sketch at bottom right, then the detailed sketch on the left and the first inked version at top right. The second photo shows a second version, fully inked.

I changed the zoomorphs from the original unidentifiable zoomorphs to to a puffin, snake and dragon, and then to a snake, hound and parrot. The second version has a ram, fox and puffin.

#drawing set-up. Transferring and altering #triskelion #knotwork #viking #skandinavian

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The owl

Sometimes I can’t stop drawing and sometimes I want to draw but really have to concentrate in order to get anything done. Occasionally, however, I seem to draw without thinking. This character appeared when I was watching a documentary on my computer a couple of nights ago. I had the paper and pencil in front of me and before I knew it, there he was:

Owl pencil sketch

This is just a pencil sketch. I still need to ink it in and add some more details.