Yesterday’s anti-government demonstration

Yesterday there was a demonstration in front of the Parliament building, to protest a parliamentary proposal to withdraw Iceland’s application for EU membership. Not that there is a national majority for membership, but the people want to see what the EU has to offer before they make up their minds on whether or not they want to join. The government is trying to take away that choice, or at least delay it for several years.
Here are some snaps from the demonstration:

In front of the Parliament building.
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The police were kind enough to put up this excellent barricade, which meant that by keeping up an unrelenting barrage of kicking, the demonstrators could use it like a giant drum. I’m sure you can imagine the noise.
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Flags were flown, and although this at first looked like some kind of Communist flag, it turned out to be something else (see next photo).

It turned out to be the flag of the Kitchenware Revolution of 2008-2009, with an emblem of a crossed spoon and pan.

I also spotted an EU flag.

The demonstration was peaceful, like most demonstration in Iceland tend to be.

It continues today.