Keeping my Kindle protected

I like this much better than the black faux-leather cover that came with it.

I’m working on making a Kindle cover that looks like a book.

Yes, I am a biblionerd.



To go through all that work…

… only to end up with something this ugly. I think it would have worked better in just about any other colour. Or maybe not.

2013-07-10 15.49.07

Crocheted dress
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Waiting for her date


I made this crocheted girl figure recently. She is made using simple net stitch of varying mesh sizes. I didn’t use a recipe. She is made from unbleached cotton thread, using a suitable hook. The legs are one piece: I started at one toe, finished the first leg, then did the other leg in reverse, tying off at the toe. Then I made the skirt, going all the way around the legs and down. Then the torso and head, going up from the skirt. Finally I crocheted the arms onto the torso.

It is really very simple and an advanced beginner could do it. I have now made her a boyfriend (will post an image later). Here she is held up by a crochet hook inserted into the torso and pushed down between the bananas, but later I made simple armature from pipe cleaners so that she can be posed.