#hallgrimskirkja in #gloomy weather. #reykjavik #iceland

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Everyone seems to photograph Hallgrímskirkja from the front or side, but it looks magnificent from the back too. This was taken last November and posted on my Instagram.




This unusual church is situated in Hvalfjörður. It is properly called Hallgrímskirkja, after the Icelandic poet and hymn writer Hallgrímur Pétursson who served as a minister there between 1651 and 1669. However, it is usually referred to as Saurbæjarkirkja á Hvalfjarðarströnd (the church of Saurbær on the coast of Hvalfjörður), to distinguish it from three other Saurbær churches, as well as from the other, more famous, Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík.

Country church

This charming little country church is situated at Hof in Skagi. “Hof” means “temple”, which could indicate that there was a heathen temple there before the church, but no evidence of this has been fund. The church was consecrated in 1876 and is now a protected building.