Counting down to Christmas Eve: 21 days to go…

…and green is not the only colour for Christmas trees:



I really like this display of old doilies:20151130_121840



Counting down to Christmas Eve: 23 days to go…

…and most window displays on the Laugavegur (and elsewhere) have something in them to remind us of Christmas.

Marshmallows on a string seem to be gaining popularity – I saw those in two windows, which means they will probably be in 5 next next year:



18 days to Christmas

Some Xmas decorations are grand and complicated while others are simple but  no less seasonal. In this case the creepy* year-round window display of the glove shop has had little sparkly Christmas trees and figurines added to remind us of the season:

*To me, it looks like rows of bloated, dismembered hands clad in gloves. A little less stuffing wouldn’t have been amiss.