9 days to Christmas

Another perennial Christmas decoration


10 days to Christmas

This was taken in 2011, but since it shows the very same decorations that have been used for the last several years in the Kringlan shopping mall (this year included), I decided to post them anyway.

When you read this, I will have been at a family Christmas event for about 2 hours, making leaf bread. If I remember to take photos, I’ll post them sometime between tomorrow and Christmas.

18 days to Christmas

Some Xmas decorations are grand and complicated while others are simple but  no less seasonal. In this case the creepy* year-round window display of the glove shop has had little sparkly Christmas trees and figurines added to remind us of the season:

*To me, it looks like rows of bloated, dismembered hands clad in gloves. A little less stuffing wouldn’t have been amiss.