Counting down to Christmas Eve: 19 days to go…

…and the tree is trimmed and spreading joy.

When you read this, I’ll be preparing for the annual family leaf-bread gathering.

There will be photos, maybe this afternoon, maybe tomorrow or possibly not until Monday.



Counting down to Christmas Eve: 20 days to go…

… and the icicles just keep getting bigger and bigger.

This was on Wednesday:


And this was yesterday:


I intended to knock them down with a broom handle, but luckily I looked down first and spotted some visitors directly below.

The icicle-clearing was promptly cancelled.


6 days to Christmas

I used to think the only “right” Christmas trees were green and preferably live, but I’ve mellowed somewhat in that opinion. A Christmas tree like this would look out of place in my parents’ living room, but it might look funky in mine, especially with different baubles (I’m not fond of pastels):


7 days to Christmas and here are some leaf bread patterns for you

As I mentioned on Sunday, I was making leaf bread with my family. Here are three hand-cut leaf breads in the raw:

A candle. I make loads of candle patterns every year, each of them unique. The “braided” part of the pattern is made with a leaf bread roller and then every other chevron is folded over the next.


A Yule lad. This is one I invented and made in several variations:


A house and tree. My teenage cousin made this. He is getting really good at leaf bread cutting: