It’s in the little details…

I love the look of this corner window. If anyone could tell me what the architectural detail above the window (the thing that shades it), is called in English, I’d appreciate it.



Victorian-style house

This is one of a number of houses in Reykjavík that have been meticulously restored in recent years. When I was growing up, there were many old houses in the city that needed a lot of TLC, but thanks to a change in the way we think about the past ( and also to the prestige associated with living in the 101 area), many of them have been restored rather than torn down and replaced with concrete houses.

I have always thought this house looked like something out of the Victorian era, except for the corrugated iron cladding (which however, can be taken for wood at first glance). I love the splash of colour the flowers make:


There’s just a touch of gingerbread, not too much:

Old house

The majority of the houses in the part of Reykjavík known as Vesturbærinn, or West Town (although I prefer to call it the West Side), are old, dating back 50 plus years (some day I’ll show you the house my great-grandfather built in that part of town). Driving down Seljavegur to photograph Sara Riel’s mural, Ræktaðu garðinn þinn (second photo), I spotted this old house, which is clearly being prepared for painting. Right now, however, it looks like a seedy but dignified old lady in tattered lace underwear, sitting amongst other old ladies in brightly coloured dresses:


While many of these old concrete houses are rather plain, their windows and window frames and doors are often ornamental, giving them a touch of elegance. This lovely, if ill-treated, door looks original: