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This is the first of a series of photos I plan to post from my Grand Tour of Germany (with side trip into France) that I took in May of 2017. I will not be posting them in any particular order.



The deep blue colour of this river has to be seen to be believed. It runs through a deep crack in the earth’s surface and it’s the depth that makes the water look blue.


Tiny fern

The tenacity of life never fails to amaze and amuse me.

I keep a bucket of sand on my balcony that I use for mixing with the soil when I’m potting cacti. I opened it a few days ago after not having touched it for a couple of years and saw that a seed had sprouted in the sand and produced a healthy looking little fern. It’s a bit late in the season to re-pot it, so I think I will leave it and see if it survives the winter and then do something about it in the spring.





My father, tinkering with the motorhome he and my mother bought recently. The hardware in the retraction system for the step turned out to be rather delicate.


I’m reviving this blog

I don’t know how long this spurt of activity will last, but I have a lot of photos stored up, plus my old Blogger photoblog was decimated by Photobucket starting charging for mirroring photos and I might therefore repost some of the still relevant old posts from there on this blog. I decided not to start paying for having my content mirrored because I don’t make an income from my blogs and they aren’t popular enough to warrant paying for hosting either the blog content or the photos.

I am also going to change direction a bit. Instead of posting mostly photos of Iceland and from my travels abroad, I will start posting more general photos, because I like to photograph things I find interesting, either visually or as ideas.

I have also decided to stop mirroring my Instagram photos, because I want to use a dedicated photoblog template and none of those I have tested show Instagram photos on the start page. You have to open the actual post to see them and most people are too lazy to do that.