Vitastígur: Reykjavík Chips

This place used to house a rather good Thai restaurant, one of the first to open in Reykjavík. Then it was a Balkan restaurant. Now it’s a chip place. They specialise in Belgian-style chips with different kinds of saucees, and you can also buy drinks, including beer.


It’s not a good place for me to eat at, because I’m diabetic and the starch in the potatoes sends my blood sugar soaring, but I had a little taste when some of my co-workers  went there for lunch one day. The chips were ok, fairly thick and not very crisp (I prefer them thin and crisp), but it’s the sauces that really make the difference. I just wish they’d realise that the advertising prop doesn’t look very appealing. In fact I think it looks like someone gobbed all over it and then had a nosebleed on top:



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