The old and the new

We Icelanders like to joke that our true national dish is a hot dog (pylsa; plural: pylsur) with “everything”, washed down with a bottle of coke, but now that Dunkin’ Donuts has arrived and the owners are planning to open an additional 15 outlets all over the country, I expect it will soon change to a Dunkin donut and a latte.

(What a depressing thought).



3 thoughts on “The old and the new

  1. Nice blog you have and really beautiful photos of iceland! We love the nature there! We are thinking about going to iceland next month :). Do you maybe know how the weather will be in oktober? Is it a good time to travel? Sorry for asking hihi.

    • Thank you, Cewinta.

      Is it a good time to visit? Well, we tend to advise people to come in the summer because of better chances of good weather and because of the long daylight hours, but think of it like this: there will not be crowds at the popular spots like Gullfoss and Geysir, and you stand a better chance of seeing the northern lights than if you were to visit in July.

      As for the weather in October, it’s unpredictable that far into the future (let alone for next week). It is what we get for being an island. You could get lucky and experience still, sunny weather for the whole of your stay, but it could also be windy and rain or snow the whole time, or (most likely) alternate between all of the above. Be prepared for rain in any case, and bring clothes you can layer against cold weather. The average daytime temperature in Reykjavik is around 4 °C in October, but that doesn’t account for wind-chill. Water-proof outerwear is a must, as rain tends to either come at an angle or be completely horizontal, making umbrellas impractical. I hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much for the information! You are right, most of the toerist are going in July and August. So that will be perfect to escape the crowds and seeing all the sightseeing and popular spots. Plus, you can make beautiful pictures of the nature without 20 other people in it hihih. That would be so nice and also seeing the nothern light! The only thing we are thinking about is the unpredictable weather. We don’t really mind the cold, we can put on an extra sweater but the rain hmm hehe. Hopefully the weather will be good for us if we are considering to go. Once again thank you so much for the time answering our question!

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