Reynisfjara, day one, terrible weather

Reynisfjara is an interesting, beautiful and sometimes dangerous place to visit. You can get close to the Reynisdrangar sea-stacks, admire pounding waves, visit a beautiful cave (Hálsanefshellir) and climb hexagonal columns. You can also, if you aren’t careful, get swept out to sea by a rip-tide. I visited the site two days in a row, once while heading east, in terrible, windy, rainy weather when the tide was in, and again when westbound, when the tide was low and the cave accessible. The photos below are from day one.

From the parking lot: People on the beach, with one sea-stack fully visible and another peeping around the corner (what looks like the mouth of a cave leads into a hollow in the rock that’s not really deep enough to call a cave):


This guy had a large camera or possibly a movie camera he was trying to protect from the rain and sea-spray (I used a scarf for the same purpose). Notice the idiots the background, trying to touch the surf:


The same people up closer, having fun and clearly oblivious to the danger they were in:


These selfie-taking visitors were careful to keep a safe distance from the surf:


Reynisdrangar seen from Vík, on the other side of the mountain:



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