Blue, blue sky

The calendar said “spring”, but the landscape and the weather were not so sure. (You can’t see it in the photo, but the wind chill was below zero C).

Taken near Rauðamelsölkelda, one of many mineral springs in the Snæfellsnes area. The spring itself was bubbling away merrily, but looked cloudy with mud and I really, really didn’t want to get sick, so I didn’t taste the water. The spring itself is not the most picturesque thing, so no photos of it, but I did take a video (sound included), which I may upload a link to later (drop a comment if you’re interested. It includes a 360° look at the landscape around the spring).



4 thoughts on “Blue, blue sky

  1. One can always hope. I have memories of snowstorms in July, but barring freak weather like that, I think summer is definitely here. 🙂

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