Saturday drive

I took my brand new car out for a spin on Saturday, its first drive outside the city limits. It’s a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi panel van, and if you think it’s funny that I should be driving one of these when I work in an office, don’t be: it has been equipped as a small motor-home and since I can’t afford to insure and operate two cars, it will be my day-to-day vehicle as well from now on.

Isn’t it beautiful?

I will post some shots of the interior some time or other.


I drove up Þjórsárdalur, visited the Brúarfoss hydorelectric plant, took a look at the Þjóðveldisbær – a replica of a 12th century farmhouse – which is only open from June to the end of August, so I only saw the outside. I also checked out some electricity-generating windmills that stand near the reservoir for the hydroelectric plant. Then I drove to Flúðir, a small community nearby, and had lunch in a rather unexpected restaurant. I will post photos of all of this later this week. Today, I give you views through the windshield:

This is from the southern shore east of Selfoss. Looks very flat, doesn’t it? Actually, there are mountains and glaciers up ahead, but they are nd obscured by clouds.

(I love it when there is so little traffic that I can stop for shots like this).


This is from Þjórsárdalur (the valley of the river Þjórsá). The landscape there is dotted with rock formations, some free-standing, others part of a mountain range. Here the road runs along the river-bank:



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