Not sure I want to continue with this blog…

…when it’s so much easier to blog on Tumblr – which is where I have been posting lately.

This blog has been mostly about Iceland, but the Tumblr one is about showcasing my photographs, both good and bad (and I have taken some terrible ones – hopefully someone can learn from my mistakes). Still, I am loath to let go completely of this blog, seeing as I have managed to acquire 200+ followers. I will probably go back to posting regularly here sooner or later – probably when the weather here in Iceland gets a bit better, or when and if I figure out the inefficient and troublesome new dashboard on WordPress (which I may not bother to do since I can’t even find my f***ing drafts). I have been trying to post mostly new or at least season appropriate photos here and I simply ran out of photos to post. The weather here has been nothing but low-pressure areas rolling over the country for weeks on end, alternating stormy weather with snow and stormy weather with rain and keeping me from going out to take photos.

I do have a few snow photos I plan to post before long. Until then, here’s a bit of rust for you:

Headlights of a rusty old car

Missing headlight of a rusty old car

3 thoughts on “Not sure I want to continue with this blog…

    • Tumblr is simpler and quicker, but has fewer bells and whistles. I’m using it for stuff I feel doesn’t belong here, e.g. my old scanned photos, “why did I take this photo?” speculation, lessons to be learned from bad photographs and such. It will probably take a long time to build an audience like the one I have here. I have 3 followers so far, but it has only been about a month since I started, so it’s early days yet.

      I have this “run and hide” reaction every time radical changes happen to the blogging services I use – I have quit two because they changed things around in strange and inexplicable ways that made things more complicated. I am slowly beginning to come to terms with the new WP setup (found my drafts, for example, and my photos – yay!). I need to allow my brain to make the necessary changes to be able to love WP again.

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