I suffer from height-induced vertigo and can become quite dizzy when the horizon is suddenly cut off from my line of sight. It wasn’t a problem during the Glymur hike I posted about recently, because as long as I can see a slope, however steep, I’m okay, and none of the hike takes you right to the edge of the gorge (unless you take one of the hair-raising older trails).

It is only when I’m faced with a vertical drop that the dizziness comes. For example, I took these photos of Krísuvíkurbjarg kneeling about 5 meters from the edge (kneeling lessens the dizziness, perhaps because of the changed perspective). Any closer, and I would have had to lie down, or otherwise I might possibly have lost my balance completely and tumbled over the cliff.


This is a beautiful and magnificent cliff face, and the photos really don’t do it justice:



Farther along the road to the cliffs is this lighthouse, but the road is very bad and because my mother tends to get car-sick on bad roads we turned back at this point of the cliffs.


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