My new toy that I mentioned yesterday

I won some money in the University of Iceland lottery and decided to use it to buy a new lens for my Nikon D7000 DSLR.

I chose this prime lens, which is recommended for portrait and low-light photography:


Unfortunately the camera showed an error code when I tried to use the lens, so I took it to the shop and it turns out there is something wrong with the camera. The kit lens still works fine, but this and a couple of other prime lenses did not.  The guy at the shop said he might have to send the camera abroad to be repaired. I just know this is going to be expensive…

Because jiggling the lens seemed to establish brief contact, it looks to me like small and light lenses like this don’t touch some contact point in or on the lens mount that the heavier kit lens does touch, which would explain why it works and the smaller lenses don’t. Whatever the reason, I hope I get it back soon, and in working order. Meanwhile, I’ll just have to use the Sony camera.

Update: It seems to be something serious – the camera needs to be shipped abroad for repairs.

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