Reykjavík Pride

The Reykjavík Gay Pride festival has changed its name and become simply Reykjavík Pride. This reflects the participation of other groups, such as bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex people. The Pride parade, which is the climax of 5 days of celebration and awareness-raising, took place yesterday. There were fewer big floats with people in grand, glittery, shimmery showgirl/drag queen costumes than I have sometimes seen, but there was still a lot of colour (most images can been enlarged by clicking on them):

Rainbow flag

The rainbow flag was everywhere.

Pride parade

The largest groups of paraders were the friends and family who participated in support of their loved ones.


There were lots of smiling faces:









And also some serious ones:



The streets were pretty thronged, which led some to

adopt desperate measures to see better:


But it wasn’t all about fun:

Pride signs

Sign 1: Illegal in 78 countries. Signs in image 2: Various ignorant and insulting comments from the social media.

Pride signs

The sign says: “Let’s make it legal to kill homosexuals, drug addicts and illegal immigrants in Iceland”. I’m speechless.


But what’s that?


Páll Óskar closes the parade every year, and this year’s float was magnificent.


As was his costume:



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