Gone skiing

Well… not really. 2 weeks ago I took a drive east out of Reykjavík, in the direction of Selfoss, but instead of visiting Hveragerði, Selfoss or Stokkseyri and Eyrarbakki, I instead did something I used to enjoy doing on family drives in the past, which was to drive down side roads and explore what lay at the end.

The first side route I took was the one leading up to the ski field of Bláfjöll (the Blue Mountains). Here are two views from the parking lot at the end of the road, the top image looking south-west, and the other in the opposite direction towards some closed ski slopes:

Bláfjöll views

Click to enlarge

 Bláfjöll is the skiing area to visit if you are in Reykjavík and want to go skiing. I don’t ski myself, but I enjoy watching it and I think that if I’d had the chance, I would have liked to learn to skiboard:

Skiboarder practicing in Bláfjöll

Click to enlarge

The town I grew up in did have one ski slope (with a barbed-wire fence at the bottom, which made it rather perilous if you didn’t know how to stop), but all I ever did was climb to the top with my red plastic sled and slide down. If I’d started learning to ski as young at this little one, I might today be able to slide gracefully down the slopes, but alas…

Learning to ski in Bláfjöll

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Some views, top image as seen from the bottom, bottom image as seen halfway up one of the slopes:

In Bláfjöll

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 What you see at the right side of the photo above, seen from below:

Bláfjöll skiboard slope with jeep

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 There were several skiboarders practising on two of the slopes, but somehow I ended up selecting photos of the same guy for this montage, because he was one of the best I saw:

Skiboarder practicing in Bláfjöll

Click to enlarge


I will post more photos from the drive during the week and next weekend.

But first, because I love to look at vintage cars, I couldn’t resist posting just one more photo of the pickup:

Old pickup truck in Bláfjöll


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