Night-time excursion

Last night there was a nearly full moon and a favourable aurora borealis forecast, so I went on a photography excursion to lake Kleifarvatn to take some night photos. I knew I couldn’t rely on the aurora to show themselves (and they didn’t, at least not while I was there), but I had long wanted to photograph the lake in the moonlight. In the end, however, it wasn’t the lake that yielded the most interesting photos, but passing traffic and a car belonging to a fellow photographer I came across.

First the passing car:


Click to enlarge

Then the stationary car:


Click to enlarge

I have long known that using Auto Levels on a photograph with a limited range of colours can yield interesting and often surreal colour shifts in photos. Just look at what happened when I used it on the above photo:

(I like how the clouds ended up resembling aurora)


Click to enlarge


2 thoughts on “Night-time excursion

  1. good work! ive always been a fan of using passing cars to create interesting long exposures. i might go out tonight and have another go of it along the coast road 🙂

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