Testing Polyvore

Recently I clicked on one of the fashion collages I had been seeing on Pinterest, which led me to Polyvore. Polyvore (love that name) enables you to make collages from images from their database or import your own items. Clicking on items in the collages or sets will give you information about them and links to shop for them.

It’s supposed to be all about fashion and design (and selling them), but I figured I could use it for my own purposes. Here, for example, is a visual packing list I made for carry-on luggage. I made it into an image and added the text using Pixlr. The design is a bit clunky, but I have never pretended to be a graphic designer.

Click on the image to see it full size. If you’re interested in any of the items as products, click here to be taken to the set on Polyvore, where you can click on individual items for information.

I am not affiliated with Polyvore or any of the vendors and will not be making any money if you end up buying somehting 😉


One thought on “Testing Polyvore

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