Yarnbombing: crochet graffiti

This is my first yarn graffiti project, but it will certainly not be the last. To be fair, it isn’t really graffiti because I had permission to do this.The yarn is leftover variegated acrylic (I think) with glitter thread that I bought to make some doll clothes for a friend’s little girl. I can’t remember the brand and the label has long since been lost. I still have enough for a couple of more granny squares or I may even be able to make doily shapes to put in the smaller circles of the gate. It will be interesting to see how long it stays up – random acts of vandalism against art and decorations are not uncommon in this town (although the vandals do tend to stay out of people’s yards).

Incidentally, the gate was designed and made by my father. It was bare because the paint would get partially stripped off it every winter and finally he gave up on painting it over and over again. It has been bare for many years and I always though it could use some brightening up.

Dad wasn’t at home when I made this. He later told me that the gate could easily be lifted off its hinges to make the sewing easier. I think I just might cover the whole gate the next time I visit the old folks!

I am now working on a covering for the lower part of their flagpole, using polypropylene yarn that should withstand weathering very well. Once that’s done it will be time for real yarn graffitying – I have my eye on an eyesore building site fence near where I work that could do with a bit of brightening up.


3 thoughts on “Yarnbombing: crochet graffiti

  1. This is the 2nd blog post, of your site I actually browsed.
    Nonetheless I really like this specific 1, Roller Shade “Yarnbombing: crochet graffiti | Trying .

    .. as hard as I can” the very best. Thanks -Jana

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